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Why it Works
"I didn't expect that turning off one light bulb would actually do as much, but people start turning stuff off and it really affects energy use. You walk by and you see the polar bear in distress and it just makes you think, "Oh yeah, I left something on in the room."
Dartmouth Student

Our System

TellEmotion's novel system for displaying real-time energy use feedback utilizes three basic components:

  • Digital Meters with a public API or a Building Management System
  • Server in the cloud
  • Web-based displays or kiosks

Digital Meters/Building Management System

We communicate over the internet with any digital meter or building management system. Preferred meters speak Modbus TCP/IP and give a reading for both real power and kWH. We can work with any Building Management System that collects data in near-real time and can be accessed with a public API.

Server in the cloud

We poll data from the meters every few seconds and store it on a secure, remote server. We use algorithms to instantaneously calculate predicted energy use (based on historical baseline data and other indicators) and compare how current use compares with predicted use. A "mood" score is calculated and the appropriate animation is displayed. No need for local servers.


Web-based Displays or Kiosks

Viewers can see data in real-time on any computer connected to the internet. Kiosks can be set up in hallways for easy viewing. We will configure a kiosk so that it displays the appropriate animation/information for that location, but allows people to browse other locations to compare results. Competition mode, graphs and other energy sources are easily viewed. Touch screen technology makes it easy to scroll through displays or touch the screen for energy saving tips.

We set up our kiosks with motion detection so the monitor turns off when not in use. We use energy star displays that can connect to the internet via a wired or wireless connection. (place picture here of someone touching or interacting with the screen)

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