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"TellEmotion's system greatly exceeded even my most optimistic forecasting. Everywhere I go on campus it's all people are talking about."
Brooks School CIO
"This is so cool. Everyone is totally into it and working together to turn things off."
Dartmouth Student
"It's easy to build a LEED certified building but how do you create LEED certified people?"
Polar Bear

Why it Works

TellEmotion's unique method for displaying real-time energy use information motivates people to change behavior and conserve resources. Based on best-in-class research from the fields of sociology, conservation psychology and data visualization, TellEmotion's patented system utilizes interactive animations, compelling graphics and well-crafted language to create an emotional connection between those who consume energy, the data display and the impact on the environment. Our system saves money, lowers carbon emissions, adds to LEED certification ratings, increases awareness and changes attitudes.

What we Offer

Polar Bear

Software as a Service

Our patented system displays an animated character (such as a polar bear) whose health and happiness depend on current energy use. TellEmotion's proprietary algorithms leverage data from historical consumption, demographics, weather information and environmental impact data to create a "mood score" and call up the appropriate animation. TellEmotion's information visualization techniques make energy use data easy to understand, create an emotional connection to the animated character and motivate people of all ages to conserve resources in order to keep the animated character happy and healthy. The system has proved to reduce electricity consumption in schools and colleges by an average of 10%. Licensing TellEmotion's software includes use of our animated display system and facilities features, storage of data on our secure database server plus educational materials, upgrades and support.

Content can be displayed in a variety of ways including public kiosks, web browsers and desktop widgets. Competition modes and goal setting features leverage the effect of group collaboration.

Key product features:

  • Works with any digital meter that is connected to the internet
  • Works with any display connected to the internet
  • Animations are determined by past behavior, expected energy use, energy consumption goals or comparison to others
  • Management Information System that includes analytical tools and alerts
  • Works with all types of energy or resource use
  • Animations built on a game engine to provide satisfying interactivity
  • Competition mode gets groups working together and brings out the competitive spirit
  • Platform for on-going engagement through regularly updated displays, news and events
  • A desktop widget for quick and easy access to energy information (Windows compatible)
  • Tips on energy savings that can be customized for your needs
  • Group data can be aggregated to create collaborative groups and communities
  • Graphs provide detailed information about current and historical use
  • Customized visuals and content available
Turn-Key Solutions

Turn-Key Solution

Some schools, institutions, businesses and municipal buildings already have digital smart meters or building management systems. Many don't. We can flex to work with existing systems, recommend vendors or provide a turn-key solution for those who want help purchasing and installing meters. We work with several companies to provide commercial-grade, UL listed, one or three phase meters and can quickly get your meters, displays and software system up and running. We have shown a return on investment of 2-4 years*

*Return on investment depends on meter needs and are based on a conservative 5% energy reduction level.

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