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"TellEmotion's system greatly exceeded even my most optimistic forecasting. Everywhere I go on campus it's all people are talking about."
Brooks School CIO
"This is so cool. Everyone is totally into it and working together to turn things off."
Dartmouth Student
"It's easy to build a LEED certified building but how do you create LEED certified people?"
Commercial Building


TellEmotion real time feedback systems have numerous commercial applications. The ideal setting includes situations in which building residents have no direct financial incentive to conserve. The applications include office buildings, company campuses, and small businesses. Competition and team goal setting modes will greatly enhance energy saved.

Make your sustainability activies the center of attention by placing our real-time feedback displays in highly "public" settings.

While TellEmotion's existing offerings can serve this market directly, we are also working with and seeking additional partners already serving the commercial segment, further enabling and differentiating the value of our mutual solutions.

Why TellEmotion Works for Businesses

TellEmotion's unique system makes it easy for businesses to engage employees in energy conservation, saves money, improves morale and enhances public relations.


Save money, gain value - Return on Investment of less than 3 years!

Conservative break even analysis shows a 100% return on investment in less than 3 years. If you already have digital meters installed, the break even can be even faster.

Improve Public Image

Because TellEmotion's animated display is such a unique approach to real-time energy feedback (not your average dashboard), word will spread that your company is doing something innovative to help the environment and save shareholder dollars. Talk at the water-cooler, word on the street, corporate reports and public relations can all be easily enhanced. You will be amazed at how popular our display becomes and how quickly word spreads.

Healthy Competitions Between Employees

Engage your employees in energy efficiency cmpetitions. Anyone in a building with our system can compete to see who reduces the most energy. See who is saving the most electricity, heat or water for the entire company, per department or per person.


Turns employees into environmental stewards

TellEmotion engages employees by creating a meaningful connection between individual energy use behavior and its impact on the environment. "I never thought of myself as an environmentalist but now I really care. I look for ways to save energy and tell my friends to do the same." (quote from a TellEmotion system user)

User studies of people using our system show that over 67% change behavior, start thinking of themselves as stewards of the environment and people who want to conserve resources.

Create "LEED" Certified Employees

"It's easy to build a LEED certified building but how do you create LEED certified people?" quote from an educator at the AASHE conference, 2008.

No matter how many "smart" devices you put in a building, you still need people to use them properly. Opening windows in the winter, leaving computers on overnight or on the weekend, using electric space heaters or using large equipment improperly, can throw off even the smartest building management system. The emotional connection people have with our interactive animated display motivates energy conservation behaviors.

Carbon Reduction

Meet Carbon Reduction Goals and Increase LEED credits

TellEmotion's patented system helps businesses meet carbon reduction goals and earn Measurement, Verification and Innovation in Design credits toward LEEDŽ certification for both LEEDŽ for New Construction and Existing Buildings

Download energy use data easily

Facilities and building managers can download data over any time frame at any interval into an ExcelŽ spreadsheet. Data can easily be seen in graphs or charts, evaluated and used for verification of carbon or cost reduction numbers. Sustainability Managers can input data by hand for other sustainability measures such as recycling, food waste and garbage weight. Password protection keeps data secure.

Enhance Employee Morale

Employees have fun, get to know each other and work together towards common energy reduction goals.

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