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"TellEmotion's system greatly exceeded even my most optimistic forecasting. Everywhere I go on campus it's all people are talking about."
Brooks School CIO
"This is so cool. Everyone is totally into it and working together to turn things off."
Dartmouth Student
"It's easy to build a LEED certified building but how do you create LEED certified people?"


We provide solutions for architects, green builders, homeowners, utilities, and smart grid home energy companies.

TellEmotion is currently involved with residential "smart grid" pilots / programs, embedding its unique method for displaying real-time energy consumption in the variety of approaches that are being tested and deployed.

Our vision is to engage the full family unit in reducing electricity consumption. Research shows that electricity conservation is maximized when everyone in the family gets involved.

TellEmotion seeks to partner with those already serving the residential segment, further enabling and differentiating the value of our mutual solutions.

"It helped having a five-year-old who is madly in love with Pasha the Bear and turns everything off to keep her happy"

-Mother using TellEmotion in her residence

Why TellEmotion Works for Residential Partners

In a highly fragmented market, it is critical to differentiate yourself from the competition. Our unique, patented display system allows you to stand out in a crowd. We can help you achieve better results in residential studies and rollouts with our web-portal or by utilizing our widget display on your In-Home Device. Engage entire families and communities in energy'll be amazed by the results.

Engaging Communities

Engage Communities

Our system, when installed in both homes and community centers (schools, libraries, municipal buildings, recreation centers) can turn an energy efficiency pilot or rollout into a community affair. See how word spreads, new users enroll, energy savings increase and are maintained over time.

Engage Whole Families

How do we motivate families to reduce electiricity consumption? Our emotionally engaging display appeals to all members of the family. Billpayers will be able to track savings over time via charts and graphs. Everyone can work together to save the bear by using less electricity to achieve their reduction goals.

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