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"TellEmotion's system greatly exceeded even my most optimistic forecasting. Everywhere I go on campus it's all people are talking about."
Brooks School CIO
"This is so cool. Everyone is totally into it and working together to turn things off."
Dartmouth Student
"It's easy to build a LEED certified building but how do you create LEED certified people?"


TellEmotion currently has a number of customers in the educational segment. The basic software as a service (SaaS) offering includes all that is necessary to provide our unique real-time energy consumption information on individual computers and dedicated displays. We believe there is a "natural" group size, of 20-50 student groupings (think dorm floors, single Greek houses, labs) that create the right social pressures and avoids "free riders". Our solutions to date have averaged 10%, persistent savings.

The SaaS solution includes the secure web based service, ongoing updates, an optional competition mode, and a platform to deliver global and local (school related) sustainability information over time. Additionally, TellEmotion can provide:

What we Offer Benefit
Consulting & Implementation Support for Successful Rollout Save time and effort and get to maximum energy savings sooner, by leveraging our best practices in working with schools. Ensure coordination with full organizational sustainability goals
Monitoring and Unique Animations for additional resources (e.g. water, waste, specific fuel or renewable source, etc.) Achieve additional sustainability goals beyond electricity
Procurement and Installation of Hardware: either metering and /or dedicated displays Save the hassle, delay, and higher costs of dealing with multiple vendors.
Interface with existing Building Management Systems (BMS) Eliminates need for additional hardware (requires accessible APIs from the BMS)
Facilities Manager Workbench (a package allowing facilities managers to centrally analyze energy consumption, mine data, and define alerts) Quickly identify and address energy consumption issues campus wide

Why TellEmotion Works for Schools


Turns students into environmental stewards

TellEmotion engages students, staff and faculty by creating a meaningful connection between individual energy use behavior and its impact on the environment. One student said, "I never thought of myself as an environmentalist but now I really care. I look for ways to save energy and tell my friends to do the same."

User studies show over 67% of people using our system change behavior, start thinking of themselves as stewards of the environment and people who want to conserve resources.

Keeps People Engaged

Over 80% of students look at the website or display on a regular basis and our results showed that energy savings results persisted over time. Energy reductions in all our sites average 10%, with some dorms achieving 34-56% savings.

We make it easy and fun to learn energy conserving behaviors. Our software as a service model keeps displays fresh with new content. Educational information is presented through comic books, posters and on-screen tips.

Dorm Building

Healthy Competitions

Anyone in a building with our system can compete to see who reduces the most energy. Competition mode can compare:

  • total use for a building or floor,
  • use per person or per square foot,
  • percentage change, on a rolling, basis from one week to the next
  • progress towards predefined reduction goals

Save money, gain value - Return on Investment of less than 3 years!

Conservative break even analysis shows a 100% return on investment in less than 3 years. If you already have digital meters installed, the break even can be even faster.

Engage with other schools in competitions such as the Green Cup Challenge

TellEmotion provides an ideal way for schools competing in inter-school competiions, such as the Green Cup Challenge, to compare results in real-time. See who is saving the most electricity, heat or water for the entire campus, per building or per person.


Create "LEED" Certified Students

"It's easy to build a LEED certified building but how do you create LEED certified people?" (quote from an educator at the AASHE conference, 2008.)

No matter how many "smart" devices you put in a building, you still need people to use them properly. The smartest building management systems can be "fooled" by opening windows in the winter, leaving electronic devices on, running inefficient refrigerators, keeping lab fans running or using electric space heaters. The emotional connection people have with our interactive animated display motivates energy conservation behaviors.

Meet Carbon Reduction Goals and Increase LEED credits

TellEmotion's patented system helps schools meet carbon reduction goals and earn Measurement, Verification and Innovation in Design credits toward LEEDŽ certification for both LEEDŽ for New Construction and Existing Buildings.

Facilities Managers can track energy use easily

Facilities managers, Residential Life and Sustainability Managers can download data over any time frame at any interval into an ExcelŽ spreadsheet. Data can easily be seen in graphs or charts, evaluated and used for verification of carbon or cost reduction numbers. Sustainability Managers can input data by hand for other sustainability measures such as recycling, food waste and garbage weight. Password protection keeps data secure.

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